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10 Must-Buy Video Game Toys & Figures That’ll Look Perfect on Your Shelf


10 Must-Buy Video Game Toys & Figures That’ll Look Perfect on Your Shelf

Lightseekers Figures

Must-Buy Video Game Toys & Figures

Being a gamer isn’t just about playing video games anymore; it’s also about buying sweet merchandise to celebrate your favorite games. Some gamers prefer art books, others clothing, while others buy figures and toys ripe for shelf displays. You have plenty of figures to chose, but some are just better than others. Here are a few toys you might consider buying, assuming you can find them.

Toys-to-life figures aren’t as popular as they used to, and while Skylanders popularized them, one series stands head and shoulders above the rest: Lightseekers. Unlike other toys-to-life products, these aren’t small statues, but actual articulated toys that have play value outside their associated video game (no, Lego Dimensions figures don’t count since their stands connect to the game, not the figures themselves).

While Lightseekers aren’t as poseable as the other figures on this list, they are still as colorful and creative as their digital counterparts. Each figure comes with expressive lights and sounds, and the developers at PlayFusion are hard at work bolstering the current 2-4 figure lineup. While Lightseekers figures might not necessarily please adult gamers, they are perfect for junior players.

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