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The Most Watched Steam Games of February 2018


The Most Watched Steam Games of February 2018

If you’re looking to become a famous Twitch streamer and play principally through Steam, look no further than here. The following set of games on the platform have all accounted for a significant amount of views in the month of February. Keep in mind that the numbers attached to each game account for viewership on Twitch alone, with metrics aggregated by Statista.

Grand Theft Auto V

Most Watched Steam Games of February 2018


Grand Theft Auto continues to show no signs of slowing down nearly five years since its debut. The game’s online component, simply dubbed GTA Online, is no doubt the principal reason why so many fans continue to catch live streams of the title, even with Red Dead Redemption 2’s online mode likely just around the corner.

Amassing 14.48 million hours of viewership, GTA Online allows players the ability to join up with 29 other individuals in order to explore the charming setting to enjoy pulling off some quick street races, invading the military base, or just playing a few rounds of golf. Racing, Deathmatch, Contact Missions, and Heists are no doubt the subject of a lot of attention even to this day.

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