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MLB The Show 18: How to Steal Bases (RTTS and All Other Modes)


MLB The Show 18: How to Steal Bases (RTTS and All Other Modes)

How to Steal Bases in MLB The Show 18

Base running in MLB The Show 18 is arguably one of the most confusing aspects of the game. Whether it’s in RTTS, Franchise, or Diamond Dynasty, there are a lot of button prompts you to need to remember. Poorly managing base running will see your players running in all different directions, making poor choices or ending up at the same bag. Stealing bases is one of the most important aspects of base running because when used effectively, it gives you a huge advantage in-game, especially in online modes where human players might be slow to react. Let’s break down RTTS first, and then the other more traditional modes.

Stealing a base in RTTS is a little different than modes like Diamond Dynasty and Franchise, as you’re likely just controlling your own created character from a completely different perspective. To steal, you need to look at the prompt in the top right corner and push the left stick in the direction they are telling you for “advance.” Try to time your advance with the pitcher being locked into his motion to throw the pitch. Keep in mind, if you’re a notable base stealer, the pitcher may try to pick you off, and in that scenario, you need to quickly hit the button for “retreat” to ensure that you get back to the bag. To take a lead or to reduce your lead, press L1 and R1 respectively. You can also use show time by pressing L2 to try and slow things down, and time out the jump perfectly.

If you’re not in RTTS or rather, controlling all players, not just one specific one, stealing is a bit different. This is because you’re playing from the perspective of the player currently at bat and not the base runners. To send just one runner, follow the button combination associated with the bag that the player is at. For example, to send only the runner at first, you’d press the left analog stick to the right (the direction of first base from the perspective of the batter) and then press L2. If you just want to send everyone, or just pre-load a steal for the one person you have at a base, you can just simply tap L2. Keep in mind, though, this is a risky undertaking.

That does it for how to steal bases in MLB The Show 18. Leave a comment down below if you’re still having trouble so we can help.

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