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MLB The Show 18: How to Slide and When to Use It


MLB The Show 18: How to Slide and When to Use It

How to Slide in MLB The Show 18

Base running in baseball is one of the fundamental skills you need to be successful. In MLB The Show 18, base running can be a little overwhelming because you have to micro-manage any and all runners on base, including the batter-now-turned-base-runner. If you’re in RTTS, you’re likely controlling your own character, and you’ll often want to take a certain approach for sliding into a base depending on the situation.

In all situations where you can slide, the buttons are luckily the same and not too difficult to pull off. To slide in MLB The Show 18 while in command of a base runner, simply press the right analog stick a certain direction to trigger a slide animation when the runner approaches the bag. To do a feet-first slide, press the analog stick down and press up for a head-first slide.

You generally want to use head-first slides in situations where you want to avoid a physical tag from a fielder, such as dodging the tag while running and sliding towards home base. Feet-first slides aren’t as effective in dodging tags. However, they get you to the bag quicker, so they are slightly better in situations where all you need to do is get back to a bag quicker than a fielder and aren’t worried about dodging a tag. For example, retreating to a bag to avoid being tagged up on a ball that you thought was going to drop but didn’t. In almost all situations, though, sliding is preferable to just running. Exceptions would be running only to first base, (remember little league 101 folks, no sliding!) or if you’re trying to avoid injury at all costs.

That does it for how to slide in MLB The Show 18. If you have a specific question feel free to let us know in the comments below. For more guides and FAQs answered, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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