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Mario Tennis Aces Gets a Release Date

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Mario Tennis Aces Gets a Release Date

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo provided further details on the upcoming Mario Tennis Aces. The game will launch June 22, and will have a pre-release tournament event which will allow players to give it a try. Alongside the release date, several of the game’s systems were detailed. There are over 15 playable characters, each with their own distinct characteristics.

A new Zone Shot ability allows players to K.O each other Switch after three direct hits to a racket. The Zone Shot is aimed via motion controls and can target anywhere on the court. There’s also a slo-mo ability called Zone Speed which allows you to block Zone Shots more easily. A Trick Shot ability is also at play, allowing players to dive across the court and return the ball. You can block Zone Shots and trick shots, building the energy gauge. Once the gauge is full, you can initiate Special Shot, the most powerful move in the game.

Up to four players can play local multiplayer, and an online multiplayer mode was detailed. There’s also a Simple Rules Mode which strips the game back to basic shots only, no specials. Motion controls were also detailed for Mario Tennis Aces, with the Joy-Cons able to be used as a racket, with forehand and backhand motions. Stay tuned for further details as we get them, in the meantime, check out the trailer below.

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