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Hearthstone: How to Beat Professor Putricide


Hearthstone: How to Beat Professor Putricide

How to Beat Professor Putricide in Hearthstone

Hearthstone is a free-to-play collectors cards game where players can battle others online or duel the enemies within the game. You can collect various cards and build different decks you can use during your fights. One of the many enemies you’ll have the option to face in the game is Professor Putricide.

The first thing you should know about this match is that it’s a multi-phase fight which will cycle through his different hero powers. During the first fight, Professor Putricide will start out with 15 Armor and 30 Health and will focus on the secret-wielding classes in his deck. He’ll have plenty of Growing Ooze, so use an Elven Archer to quickly dispatch his minions. Similarly, use any spells you have to kill his taunts and just focus on clearing his side of the Hearthstone board. Once Professor Putricide uses his Tentacles, just destroy it with your Ooze.

During the second phase of the Professor Putricide fight, he will regain 15 armor and summon an annoying Festergut that can deal three damage to all of your minions at the end of Professor Putricide’s turn. To deal with it, you can steal him with a Mind Control card, or simply kill him with Shadow Word: Pain.

Once the third phase of this Hearthstone match rolls around, Professor Putricide will summon Rotface and activate the “All minions cost (5).” Like with Festergut, you can deal with Rotface by using Mind Control or just kill it with your minions. Once the monster goes down, you should be able to steamroll through the fight.

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