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Guacamelee 2 Is Coming to Steam in the Future

Guacamelee! 2

Guacamelee 2 Is Coming to Steam in the Future

Guacamelee 2 is a game that several folks are looking forward to, especially given its propensity for fast and furious fun. It was previously revealed as a PlayStation 4 exclusive last October, which was strange considering the first game was made available across most, if not all, platforms. Drinkbox Studios declined to comment on further platforms the game would be coming to back then, but now it seems that it’s coming to PC via Steam for sure thanks to a new announcement trailer.

While there isn’t a release date in sight just yet, Drinkbox Studios has confirmed that the game will indeed be launching “soon,” with the vague release date of, well, sometime in the coming days. The PlayStation 4 and PC versions should launch at the same time as well.

If you’ve never played a Guacamelee game, you’ll want to check out the new trailer below and get a feel for what happens with the colorful carnage and the craziness that can happen within the confines of the game. If there’s one crazy-colored adventure coming soon that you should keep your eye on, Guacamelee 2 may very well be it — especially if you’re really digging its aesthetic, as well you should be. Chickens, anyone?

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