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Grab Spec Ops: The Line for Free Until Saturday

Spec Ops The Line

Grab Spec Ops: The Line for Free Until Saturday

The Humble Store has been giving away some excellent titles in the last few months, and the latest free game up for grabs is no different. Right after putting up The Darkness II for free, the Humble Store has made Spec Ops: The Line up for grabs for free, previously released six years ago in 2012 and now free for you until Saturday on Steam for PC.

The haunting third-person shooter follows the Delta Recon Team as they explore Dubai looking for civilians and soldiers to evacuate following a dangerous sandstorm. While looking for the man who started it all, Col. John Konrad, the team runs into some horrifying revelations, including campaign reveals that nothing is quite as it seems. It’s an interesting twist on the normal third-person shooter, with some harrowing content you won’t soon forget.

The game is free to you for now if you want to play it, and it’ll run you $29.99. It’s available as a Steam key that you can use via Windows, macOS, and Linux, with a redemption deadline for April 14. If it’s important that you play it, make sure you grab the code and use it while you can. It’s a great game that you won’t want to miss.

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