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How to Get More FPS on Fortnite

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How to Get More FPS on Fortnite

How to Get More FPS on Fortnite

When playing on PC, increasing your frames per second (FPS) in Fortnite can be the difference between getting eliminated early, or grabbing the Victory Royale. To do this, you want to go to the Video settings in-game and put your Post-Processing setting on low.

Next, you’re going to turn your V-Sync and Anti-Aliasing off, which will allow your computer to focus on other things. There is a setting called Frame Rate Limit, and you want to set that to 120 or unlimited to ensure you are getting the most frames possible. Not every computer will be able to run 120 frames, but turning off the things mentioned earlier will help tremendously in achieving a better FPS in Fortnite.

It is important to play in full screen, because windowed mode can cause the game to lock up. Turning shadows off is also a huge help as it will allow processing power to go elsewhere instead of rendering shadows. Gaining more FPS is a trade-off with visual fidelity, but the silky smooth looks of a high frame rate can really help in Fortnite. To check how many frames per second you are getting you can turn on the show FPS setting in the menu.

If you’re not wanting to sacrifice visual fidelity in Fortnite for a better FPS, you’ll need to upgrade your PC components, namely your graphics card. This can be quite pricey, however, so try messing with the Video settings above to see if you can boost your frames that way and save some cash.

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