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Fortnite: Are Cars & Vehicles Coming to Battle Royale?


Fortnite: Are Cars & Vehicles Coming to Battle Royale?

Are Cars & Other Vehicles Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale?

A lot of people compare Fortnite Battle Royale to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and for good reason, they’re pretty damn similar after all. However, one area in which these two game do differ is their current inclusion of cars and other vehicles. PUBG currently offers a bunch of vehicles in the game to help players get around the map more easily. Fortnite Battle Royale, on the other hand, currently doesn’t, and that has many players wondering if they’ll be cruising by Loot Lake or through the busy streets of Tilted Towers in cars any time soon.

Just two months ago, lead systems designer Eric Williamson revealed that cars and other vehicles had been discussed by the team before. “We talked a bunch about vehicles pros and cons, but we don’t have a need to add vehicles to get around the map because our travel times allow you to get mostly wherever you want to go. When we discuss vehicles, we talk about trying things with unique functionality and make it not just about going from point A to point B. That’s the extent of it.”

Similarly, Fortnite Battle Royale’s ‘New Features FAQ‘ over on the official site reiterates the issue of balancing the introduction of speedier methods of transport into the current map. The FAQ reads, “Right now we do not have any immediate plans to add vehicles. We’ve done some very early prototypes internally, but have concerns with how they’ll affect the flow of Battle Royale. We’ll let you know our plans when we have a better understanding of their impact.”

Though it certainly doesn’t sound like we’ll be resting our avatar’s feet anytime soon in Battle Royale, at least it sounds like Epic Games is seeing whether or not it’s at all possible to get us some wheels. Perhaps the upcoming release of the jetpack might be the start of more exciting ways to get around landing in Fortnite Battle Royale.

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