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For Honor Starter Edition Costs Four Times Less than Original Game

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For Honor Starter Edition Costs Four Times Less than Original Game

Last week, March 15, 2018, Ubisoft released a so-called Starter Edition for its popular multiplayer sword-fighting game, For Honor. The revised version of the game features less content than the main package, but at a much-reduced price. In fact, at just $15, it’s four times cheaper.

The Starter Edition of the game features six playable characters. Three of these are fully unlocked: the vanguard heroes Warden, Raider, and Kensei. Other characters are locked, and whether you’ll be able to unlock them depends on the faction you’ve chosen to play with. Once a faction has been chosen, three heroes will become playable and can be made customizable for 8,000 Steel (an in-game currency) each. This is higher than the Standard Edition price, which is only 500 Steel per hero. Steel can be earned in game, or purchased for roughly $1 per 1,000 Steel.

For Honor typically comes with six other playable characters, which can be made customizable for 500 Steel each. However, these characters do not start off playable in Starter Edition. Fully unlocking these heroes in the Starter Edition to make them both playable and customizable costs 8,000 Steel per hero.

Despite these restrictions, the game does pack a fair amount of content. For Honor’s Starter Edition includes the full single-player storyline, as well as all multiplayer modes and maps. All in all, it looks like a great way to dip your toes in and try a little of what the game has to offer without having to splash out on the full experience.

In addition to the newly available Starter Edition, the more expensive Deluxe Edition and Gold Edition are also available to purchase. These are priced at $70 and $100 respectively.

For Honor is sort of multiplayer online battle arena with a focus on melee duels. It was first released on Feb. 14, 2017, for Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Check out our review of the game for more details.


This post was originally written by Katharine Craven.

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