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For Honor’s Dedicated Servers Coming to Consoles on March 6

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For Honor’s Dedicated Servers Coming to Consoles on March 6

Dedicated servers are coming to the hack and slash online multiplayer game For Honor for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, March 6, Ubisoft announced today.

This comes almost one month after dedicated servers went live for the PC version. Ubisoft stated the delay between the PC and console versions was to “ensure a smooth transition” on PC before bringing it to consoles.

“On PC, dedicated servers have eliminated resyncs and host migrations and improved PvP match completion rates,” according to Ubisoft. “In addition, all fixes that have been implemented in the PC version since the launch of dedicated servers will be applied to the console versions of the game on day one.”

The server infrastructure switch should be a welcomed change for the one-year-old game, considering For Honor had several issues with connectivity and online gameplay that lingered months after launch. Last December, Ubisoft had set up a beta to test dedicated servers and opened it up for everyone, including those who did not own the game.

For Honor is currently in its fifth season of content, called Age of Wolves, and includes character updates and more in-depth training modes. Players can also earn exclusive weapons, outfits, emotes, and more in the limited-time Apollyon’s Legacy event, which ends this Thursday.

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