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Final Fantasy XV: How to Beat the Cerberus Boss


Final Fantasy XV: How to Beat the Cerberus Boss

Beating the Cerberus Boss in Final Fantasy XV

In the Royal and Windows Editions of Final Fantasy XV, right before you enter the Citadel to confront Ifrit and Ardyn, there’s a new boss fight to conquer outside the gates. This is Cerberus, the three-headed fire dog that’s going to give you a nice challenge before you get to fight the final bosses.

Cerberus is a fairly simple boss fight. As Noctis and the gang will mention at the start of the fight, you should try to attack the boss while it’s in midair. Whenever it leaps into the air, use a warp strike to hit it before it lands back down on the ground. The Cerberus will also try to snap at you with its jaws, but you can easily dodge these and attack it from the back instead. Occasionally, it’ll leap onto the buildings before jumping back down. When it does this, either wait for it to land before attacking, or try to warp strike it in midair again.

Your companions should do a pretty good job of distracting it in the meantime, and Gladiolus’ Dawnhammer is a great skill to deal some extra damage when you need to.

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