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Final Fantasy XIV’s Forbidden Land of Eureka Releasing This Month

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV’s Forbidden Land of Eureka Releasing This Month

Patch 4.25 and the Forbidden Land of Eureka finally have a release date for Final Fantasy XIV, and it’s not too far away.

March 13 will bring this long-awaited update to Square’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game to players everywhere. The new area will feature a number of changes to the gameplay, including new battle mechanics, 144-player instances, new ways to progress, and new rewards.

An element system means battles will require a little more strategy as players utilize the Magia Board to change their attack’s element affinity to best counter enemies. The Magia Board can be customized before exploration begins with the use of a Magia Melder.

Go to battle with huge groups of people as 144-player instances will be possible, allowing up to that many people to group up and work together at the same time. An update to player progression will include the accumulation of elemental experience points that can help players harness the elements.

Last but not least, Eureka weapons and gear can be enhanced by the blacksmith Gerolt using protean crystals players can find while exploring the new location.

If March 13 is too long a wait for you to enjoy the Forbidden Land of Eureka, rest assured knowing Little Ladies’ Day 2018 is kicking off today and will run until March 14. If you’re interested in vibrant celebrations with songbirds, as well as new emotes and items, be sure to check it out.

If you have yet to play Final Fantasy XIV, a free trial can be started here.

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