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5 Final Fantasy Games That Still Need to Come to PC


5 Final Fantasy Games That Still Need to Come to PC

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy Games That Still Need to Come to PC

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The Compilation of Final Fantasy VII, outside of Final Fantasy VII itself, can be a bit all over the place in terms of quality. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is definitely one of the better games in the Compilation. Originally released for the PSP back in 2007 in Japan, Crisis Core is the prequel to one of the biggest JRPGs of all time. You played as Zack Fair, a member of the elite mercenary group SOLDIER, performing combat missions, and climbing the ranks to fight alongside the elite members, including Sephiroth himself.

Crisis Core sets itself apart from the original with its unique take on real-time combat. Its action style plays similarly to something like Kingdom Hearts, but what makes it different is the slot machine-like mechanic known as the “Digital Mind Wave.” It is constantly spinning, and when you get a match, you can pull off some pretty gnarly special attacks. The numbers on the Digital Mind Wave can also boost your stats and even level you up. Combine this with a good story which nicely leads into Final Fantasy VII, and can also stand on its own, you have a pretty good game on your hands.

It’s unfortunate that Crisis Core has been exclusive to the PSP for so long, as it’s such a great companion piece to Final Fantasy VII. It would be a shame for someone to discover Final Fantasy VII on the PC, enjoy it, and then have to seek out a PSP to play the prequel. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, X-2, and the XIII sequels are all on PC, so let’s get Crisis Core on there too.

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