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FFXIV Eureka: How to Level Up Fast


FFXIV Eureka: How to Level Up Fast

Level Up Fast in FFXIV Eureka

Patch 4.25 has dropped in FFXIV, and with it comes the Forbidden Land of Eureka Anemos. This is a brand new exploration area with tough enemies and a new grind for players who want to get better armor and weapons. Similar to Palace of the Dead in FFXIV, Eureka features a separate leveling system, which means that every player starts at level 1 when they first enter.

There are a few ways to level up quickly while you’re in Eureka. If you’re going in as a solo player, you should focus on just killing enemies that are at your level. This will give you the most experience. However, avoid fighting enemies that have already been claimed or tagged by other players or parties. You should be able to level up decently just by fighting enemies at your level, but the downside is that you probably won’t be able to kill them fast enough to build a chain multiplier which increases your experience gain.

Exploring Eureka with a group is definitely far more efficient. If you have four people in your party, you should take on enemies that are at your level, or are one level higher than you. The experience gained is split between all party members, but because you can build your chain quickly, the leveling process should go by much faster than if you were playing FFXIV solo.

If you have a full party of eight people in FFIXV’ Eureka, that’s where the fun starts. Most players have reported that full parties can level up efficiently by taking on enemies that are about four levels higher than them to maximize the experience gained. It’s definitely recommended that you bring a couple of healers with you or things could get dicey, though.

Lastly, whenever an NM spawns, make sure you go fight it even if it’s already been claimed by someone else. They give the most amount of experience, and also have a chance of dropping crystals.

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