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Far Cry 5 Will Have Microtransactions, but Not Lootboxes

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Far Cry 5 Will Have Microtransactions, but Not Lootboxes

New details about Far Cry 5 have surfaced regarding its microtransaction structure. In an article from PC Gamer, it is revealed that Far Cry will have a purchasable currency called Silver Bars. This currency will not be used to buy lootboxes, packs, or anything of that nature, it will instead be used for cosmetic skins, and time savers.

This currency can be obtained in game, but no details on how much of it can be received via in game methods have been revealed. After clearing the first outpost, the author received this prompt “Silver Bars are hidden at every outpost and some other locations in Hope County. Use Silver Bars to buy prestige weapons, vehicles, clothes and skins from any shop in the world. You can also buy and spend Silver Bars from the STORE option in the pause menu.”

Since the Far Cry 5 store is not online yet, there is no way of knowing what the pricing structure for Silver Bars looks like yet. While it seems players can obtain Silver Bars through various gameplay elements, there is no way to know if Silver Bars are a finite resource. Far Cry 5 will also have a purchasable season pass for its DLC.

Far Cry 5 launches on March 27 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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