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Far Cry 5: Where Larry Parker’s Location is


Far Cry 5: Where Larry Parker’s Location is

Where Larry Parker’s Location Is in Far Cry 5

As is expected from the series now, the missions you’re going to be embarking on in Far Cry 5 are, at times, incredibly insane. This is, of course, the same series that once turned the franchise into an 80’s set, neon-drenched world of dragons and lasers, where simply tapping a button allowed you to flip off anyone in sight. There’s one series of quests in Far Cry 5 that fans are particularly interested in, and it all revolves around a guy called Larry Parker. You’ll be told about Larry by another NPC, but you’ll then need to hunt him down so you can begin the quests. Here’s where Larry Parker’s location is in Far Cry 5.

To find Larry Parker, you’ll first want to head to Holland Valley, the southwest portion of the game’s map. Once here, you need to look for Parker Laboratories, which can be found fairly easily by heading west from Fall’s End. It’s just southeast of the large square field, for a point of reference.

Once there, you’ll need to help Larry get out of his strange contraption, so go ahead and turn the generators off, and prepare for a pretty bizarre questline.

And that’s where Larry Parker’s location is in Far Cry 5. For more on the game, check out our review and wiki.


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