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Far Cry 5: Where to Find Grizzly Bear Locations


Far Cry 5: Where to Find Grizzly Bear Locations

Where to Find Grizzly Bear Locations in Far Cry 5

There are tons of animals available for your hunting pleasure in Far Cry 5. From fish to boars and turkeys, the wilderness of Hope County is just teeming with wildlife, and their skins can be sold for good money. However, some story missions in Far Cry 5 may require you to get animal skins in order to progress, such as the Clinical Study quest in Faith’s region. One of the quest steps requires you to get undamaged Grizzly Bear skins.

The Grizzly Bear is pretty hard to find in Faith’s region, and you have a slim chance of encountering one on the roads or near the Black Bear spawns. However, if you want a surefire way of hunting one in Far Cry 5, head up to the FANG Center in Jacob’s region. Just southwest of the FANG Center, you’ll find a wooded area west of the river with a Grizzly Bear or two for you to hunt. Be careful not to damage the skin with flamethrowers and explosives, though. We recommend using a bow to hunt it down and claim your undamaged Grizzly Bear skins. You can use bullets as well, or tasking Peaches and Boomer to take it down for you.

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