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Far Cry 5: Can You Download Mods?


Far Cry 5: Can You Download Mods?

Can You Download Mods in Far Cry 5

Far Cry’s open world madness is back with a new installment, and this time it’s on American soil. The boundless plains of Montana’s Big Sky Country are the setting for the latest game, in which a maniacal cult oppresses the fictional region of Hope County. There’s all the familiar outpost infiltration, vehicle riding, and dangerous animals you’d expect from a Far Cry title. But is there a way to spice things up even more with mods that you can download?

Unfortunately, as is usually the case with games on console, Far Cry 5 does not have any mods on PS4 or Xbox One. As for PC players, there are a few mods cropping up here and there over on Nexus mods, but there’s not a whole lot out there just yet.

However, that news is made slightly less painful by the fact that there is an extremely detailed level editor that can be used to make all sorts of weird and wonderful custom levels. It’s much deeper than you might imagine, with assets from other Ubisoft titles able to be mix and matched with Far Cry 5’s. This includes games like Assassin’s Creed Origins and the original Watch Dogs. Many players have already begun to piece together all sorts of brilliant levels, such as a full recreation of De_Dust2 from Counter Strike: Global Offensive.

So if you were hoping to download mods for Far Cry 5, don’t worry, there’s plenty of interesting content sure to release via the map editor. That’s all the information we have about mods in the game. Check out our wiki page for other useful guides.

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