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Far Cry 5: What Capture Parties Are


Far Cry 5: What Capture Parties Are

Capture Parties in Far Cry 5

Just like its predecessors, Far Cry 5‘s premise involves you being trapped in an enclosed area, where you’re tasked with doing side missions, unlocking the map, and liberating outposts before you can go fight the final boss. However, unlike past games before it, you have three other antagonists to defeat before you’re allowed to face the Father. They’re not just to sit and wait for you to overthrow them, though, they’ll send out Capture Parties to get you.

Far Cry 5’s map is split into three major regions, and two smaller ones. The main regions are controlled by John, Jacob, and Faith. In each region, you can earn Resistance Points by completing missions and other side objectives to build up a force against the region’s boss. For each threshold you reach in the Resistance meter, the boss will become more aggressive in sending the cultists after you, and they’ll also send Capture Parties. After reaching a threshold, you’ll usually get a message from the boss over the radio, before they send out a Capture Party. You’ll be notified of this onscreen, and while you can try to run from the Capture Parties, they’ll eventually get a hold of you, and put you into a mandatory story sequence.

Capture Parties vary from region to region in Far Cry 5. While John may straight up send cultists in trucks after you, Faith might appear as a hallucination that drugs you.

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