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Every Major Far Cry Villain, Ranked From Bumbling to Best


Every Major Far Cry Villain, Ranked From Bumbling to Best

6) Far Cry – Dr. Krieger/Harland Doyle

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The first Far Cry game doesn’t feature a single antagonist in the same way the recent games do. Also, the game isn’t as open about the identity of its villains, revealing, at the end of the game, that there’s someone above the person you’ve been working against the whole time.

The initial villain, Dr. Krieger, is a renowned scientist who used to work for Department of Defense as a geneticist. In the game, he is the controller of the Trigens (beings who have been mutated by Krieger) and is intent on improving the human race in any way possible. However, you kill him late in the game, and it is revealed that Harland Doyle is actually the main antagonist.

Doyle is your main contact once you wash up on the island and is an undercover CIA Agent working as a scientist to uncover what is happening there with Dr. Krieger. While he presents himself as a good guy, it is revealed after you kill Krieger that he plans to make a fortune off of the acquired mutagen, to make more of Krieger’s plans. While the twist is interesting, the fact that you see so little of the bad side of Doyle makes him an underwhelming villain in comparison to the likes of Vaas and Pagan Min. Krieger is more of a treat throughout the game, but the reveal weakens his position as a menacing villain.

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