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Dragon’s Crown on PS3 and Vita Receives a Patch in Preparation for PS4 Version

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Dragon’s Crown on PS3 and Vita Receives a Patch in Preparation for PS4 Version

Dragon’s Crown Pro launches for PS4 on May 15, and features cross-save and cross-play compatibility with the PS3 and PS Vita versions. Atlus announced that those versions of the game have received updates to bring them closer to the improved PS4 version. Patch 1.08 is available to download on PS3 and PS Vita right now.

This update introduces new features from Dragon’s Crown Pro into the PS3 and PS Vita versions. This includes a number of gameplay and UI tweaks, and an improved options menu. This patch also fixes some bugs, and improves performance stability.

Atlus warns that the amount of skeletons a player can carry will be reduced from 32 to 28 in order to make room in save data for bag names. Following the patch, skeletons stored in slots 29 and above will be deleted. Atlus recommends resurrecting or burying excess skeletons before downloading the 1.08 patch.

You can view the full patch notes below:

New Features

  • Cross-Play and Cross-Save features between PlayStation 4 (Dragon’s Crown Pro), PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita have been added.
  • Bags can now be renamed.
  • Items can now be filtered by effect in the equipment menu.
  • While adventuring, you can now check your talisman collection, current floor, and floor reward on the pause screen.
  • Each setting value is now displayed in the Character Name’s Edit Type screen.
  • When resetting skills at the Adventurers Guild, it is now possible to include “Deep Pockets” in the reset.
  • If you gained the same skill again immediately after a skill reset, the corresponding skill item now is automatically returned to your bag.
  • The ability to batch sell items at Magic Show has been added.
  • “Damage Display” has been added in the Options menu.
  • “Rune Selection UI Position” has been added in the Options menu.

Feature Modifications

  • When editing type, the maximum degree of rotation has been increased to 180 degrees.
  • The rate at which some goods appear in the shop has been tweaked.
  • In the “Ultimate” difficulty, some of the enemies’ special effects have been tweaked.
  • The tutorial for some characters has been improved.
  • Camera behavior has been improved.
  • Other minor display adjustments and functionality improvements were made.

Bug Fixes

  • An unauthorized equipment bug occurring under certain circumstances has been fixed.
  • A display issue with some items’ prefixes has been fixed.
  • Improvements were made to performance stability and other features under certain conditions.
  • A bug where praying at the temple to increase funds was ineffective has been fixed.
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