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Bloodborne: How to Repair Weapons


Bloodborne: How to Repair Weapons

How to Repair Weapons in Bloodborne

While you’re out rocking face in Bloodborne, you’ll be sure to slash a ton. This will inevitably lead to your weapons losing durability, unfortunately. Once durability gets too low, you’ll get a message that your “weapon’s at risk.” If it’s all the way down, you’ll do severely reduced damage. This is why it’s important to repair it as soon as you can. Not to mention that it’ll cost you more if you don’t repair it for awhile.

To do this, head back to Hunter’s Dream from any lamp within the world. Next, go to the Workshop. Check out the desk next to Gehrman and choose the “Repair Weapon” option. You’ll see a list of weapons that are low on durability. If you had none, they wouldn’t appear at all. Choose which one you want to repair and you’ll pay some blood echoes to do it. This will vary based on how damaged your weapon is. So, like I said before, don’t wait too long to repair it or you’ll have to pay more!

And that’s all there is to repairing weapons in Bloodborne! If you need any more help with the game, leave us a comment down below and we’ll do our best to help you out.

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