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Bloodborne: Playing Online vs. Offline


Bloodborne: Playing Online vs. Offline

Playing Online and Offline in Bloodborne

When playing Bloodborne, you can choose to either enjoy the game offline or connect to the online servers. For the most part, your experience will be largely the same, though you might enjoy it more if you went online instead.

If you play Bloodborne online, you’ll get access to player messages left all over the world. These are usually pretty helpful in figuring out where to go next, or warning you about hidden dangers. Some messages can also be pretty trollish, such as goading you to jump off a ledge with the allure of a possible secret. When online, you’ll also be able to summon other players to help you fight Bloodborne’s bosses and clear a level. However, if you summon a player, you’re also in danger of getting invaded by red phantoms that just want to make your life a living hell.

On the other hand, if you’re playing offline, you won’t be able to summon help or get invaded. You also won’t be able to read any of the player messages, and will only get to read developer messages that teach you the basics of the game or give you story clues.

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