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Bloodborne: How to Level Up


Bloodborne: How to Level Up

Leveling Up in Bloodborne

Like the rest of From Software’s Souls games, Bloodborne features a leveling up mechanic where you get to spend points to increase your character’s stats. Instead of souls, Bloodborne has you collect Blood Echoes instead.

Blood Echoes can be obtained from killing enemies and bosses, or by using the Coldblood items you find scattered around the world. Once you’ve accumulated a bunch of Echoes, head back to the Hunter’s Dream by interacting with any lamp you’ve already activated. From there, talk to the Doll and choose the option that says Channel Blood Echoes. You’ll then be able to level up a few times, depending on how many Echoes you have, and how many are required to hit the next level.

Do note that if you’re still at the beginning of the game, the Doll might not be active in the Hunter’s Dream. You need at least one point of Insight before she comes to life. Insight can be gained by encountering a boss for the first time, beating a boss, or using a consumable item called the Madman’s Knowledge. Return to the Hunter’s Dream, and she’ll be available.

Be sure to search for Twinfinite for more information on Bloodborne.

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