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Bloodborne: How to Get Blade of Mercy


Bloodborne: How to Get Blade of Mercy

How to Get Blade of Mercy in Bloodborne

Bloodborne offers a wide array of weapons to choose from, each with their unique attributes. You’ll need the best weapons as you travel through Yharnam on your quest to find the cure for the mysterious blood-borne disease.

One particular Trick Weapon you can get your hands on is called the Blade of Mercy. Despite its name, you’ll be wrecking havoc and slashing your foes apart with this powerful sword. Each hit deals more than the last, making this the perfect blade for Hunters with high stamina. On top of that, its dual blade form can dish out hits in rapid succession. The main drawback with the dual form, however, is that it doesn’t exactly stagger enemies, and the lack of a charge attack makes it more of a strike and dodge weapon.

To get the Blade of Mercy, you’ll need to defeat Eileen the Crow in combat. She’ll drop the weapon as loot, but take note that killing Eileen will forfeit your chance of getting the Hunter Rune. Alternatively, you can complete Eileen the Crow’s quest line instead to earn the Crow Hunter Badge. When you have the item, you can purchase the blade from the messengers for 40,000 echoes.

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