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Bloodborne: How to Fix Connection Lost to Server Error


Bloodborne: How to Fix Connection Lost to Server Error

How to Fix Connection Lost to Server Error in Bloodborne

Bloodborne is an intense action role-playing game developed by From Software. You play as your own personal avatar called the Hunter and make your way through the gruesome town of Yharnam with the hopes of finding a cure to the abnormal blood-borne disease.

While you can clear the main campaign on your own, sometimes bringing a friend along can do wonders. That said, the game allows players to summon another Hunter in spectral form by using a certain item. It can be a bit frustrating, however, when you suddenly come across the ‘Connection Lost to Server Error’ error whenever you try to connect online.

Before anything else, you’ll want to check your internet connection. You might have been disconnected, or your console might not be connected to the wi-fi. Another thing to note is that suspending and resuming the game will give you the error if you try to connect online. If this happens, simply close the game and restart the console.

Another main issue could be that the servers are full, meaning there’s nothing wrong on your end. You might have to wait an hour or two before you can play online, but there’s nothing you need to fix.

For any tips and tricks on Bloodborne, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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