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BloodBorne: Are the Servers Down?


BloodBorne: Are the Servers Down?

Are the Servers Down in Bloodborne?

Bloodborne is an intense action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware. Here, you’ll be exploring the decrepit city of Yharnam as a mysterious fellow known as the Hunter. Many enemies make their homes in the city streets, but you have a wide array of weapons to defend yourself. You can try clearing the main campaign alone or request help from other players online by summoning their Hunter in spectral form.

Usually, when players can’t connect to the internet, one question they might have is if the servers are offline. Currently, the game’s servers are still up and running, so any connection concerns might stem from other issues. It’s worth noting that maybe the game’s servers are completely occupied, which could be one reason why you can’t connect online. Alternatively, you may also check your internet connection and console to see if there may be any underlying problems.

If the servers ever do go down, the game’s official Twitter account will most likely tweet about any connection problems and down times. As for now, though, players can enjoy all of its multiplayer features.

For any other tips, tricks, or general details on Bloodborne, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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