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Which of These Kirby Copy Abilities Would You Choose?


Which of These Kirby Copy Abilities Would You Choose?

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9. Paint

Kirby Paint

Kirby has had several abilities over the years that have a limited amount of uses, each with their own perks. The horrifying Cook power boils enemies alive, turning them into delicious snacks. Grabbing a Mike will let Kirby sing, shriek and shred with the best of them, to devastating effect. Paint is one of Kirby’s rarest skills, and will be gone after just one colorful blast of artistry.

So how does it make this list, despite its lacking utility? The reason is simple: Heavy Lobster. Kirby Super Star is by far one of the best entries in the franchise, and the sub-game Revenge of Meta Knight is particularly exquisite. Slightly darker in tone than its contemporaries, its storyline is told by on-screen dialogue between Meta Knight and his dastardly crew. Why are you privy to these discussions? Have you hacked into their intel? Or are they just really obnoxiously loud conversationalists? It matters not, because it makes it even cooler when they sick Heavy Lobster on you.

It’s a mean old bot with a range of tricks up its metallic sleeve, but its major weakness is Paint. If it gets hit with this technique, it’ll go completely haywire, attacking in a blind frenzy. It’s just such a cool touch that sets it apart from other boss battles, and it was only made possible thanks to that magic brush.

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