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Attack on Titan 2: How to Get Materials


Attack on Titan 2: How to Get Materials

How to Get Materials in Attack on Titan 2

There are five different ways you can get yourself materials in Attack on Titan 2. Using different varieties ranging from D to S rank (with D being the lowest and S being the best) can help you craft and upgrade your gear in a cinch.

The first method just involves completing missions. Players can get the same rewards by replaying missions over and over again, making this a great way to farm. To check what materials a mission yields, simply press the triangle or Y button.

The second is by earning S ranks, which nets you greater materials than in other distinctions. Seeing as how you may be farming missions anyway, why not go a little further?

The third is by performing a Dire Subjugation, which involves players completing certain tasks within a mission in order to make a Dire target, or special Titan, appear. These foes yield tons of rewards should you topple them, though it should be noted that they’re sometimes harder than the mission’s boss itself.

The fourth is by destroying Titan limbs marked with yellow diamonds. These appear at random and yield players a haphazard material once the mission is completed.

The fifth and last method involves purchasing materials with Regiment Funds. At the Material Acquisition Depot at your base camp, you’ll be able to see which materials are available to you depending on your Regiment’s level. The higher your status, the more you’ll be able to purchase.

Keep in mind that high tier materials are attached to late missions in the game. You’ll have to complete them naturally through Attack on Titan 2’s story mode in order to gain the ability to replay and farm them.

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