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Attack on Titan 2: How Long it Is & How Many Chapters There Are


Attack on Titan 2: How Long it Is & How Many Chapters There Are

How Long Attack on Titan 2 Is & How Many Chapters There Are

Attack on Titan 2 allows fans of the anime to jump into the action of the anime’s second season for themselves, as well some all-new stories supervised by series creator Hajime Isayama. As such, some players may be wondering exactly how long it’ll take them to swing and slash their way to the credits in Attack on Titan 2.

During our time with Attack on Titan 2, we found that simply speeding through the main story will set you back about 20 hours. You’ll then be looking at a further 15-20 hours if you want to complete every side mission on offer. And if you’re wanting to 100% complete the game, requiring you to get every possible weapon, S-Rank every mission, and max out all your relationships with the cast of characters in the game, you’re looking at another 40+ hours.

All of the game’s content is split over five chapters, though there’s then a Final Chapter that acts as an epilogue of sorts which gives fans an idea of what anime fans can expect in season 3.

That’s all you need to know about how long Attack on Titan 2 is and how many chapters there are. For more on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

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