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ARMS Online Open Tournament Announced by Nintendo


ARMS Online Open Tournament Announced by Nintendo

During the company’s Direct today, Nintendo announced that ARMS will be hosting its very own online open tournament this month. To be more precise, the ARMS US & Canada Online Open Tournament will take place via the game’s Ranked Match mode starting today until March 18.

Those players who manage to place within the top eight players during the time frame specified above will be invited to participate in the game’s online finals on March 31, which will be streamed live by Nintendo at their American headquarters.

For those Switch owners out there that have yet to jump in on the ARMS hype train, Nintendo also announced today during their Direct that select modes from the title will be available free of charge for users starting on March 31. The trial will only last three days, so players eager to join in on the fighting action should have the Testpunch already downloaded for use via the Nintendo eShop feature on the console.

ARMS released exclusively for the Switch last year on June 16 and allows up to four players the ability to choose a fighter and battle using a variety of extendable arms to knock out opponents. As of this year, the title has sold around 1.6 million copies worldwide.

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