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All Free Games You Can Get in March 2018


All Free Games You Can Get in March 2018

Xbox Games With Gold

March 2018 Free Games

SUPERHOT, review

Microsoft is offering up some pretty sweet deals for its Gold subscribers in March 2018. The two headlining titles for this month are Trials of the Blood Dragon and Superhot. If the first game sounds a tad familiar, that’s because it’s actually a crossover between the Trials series and Far Cry’s Blood Dragon spin-off. It’s not as tacky as it sounds though; the game offers 30 missions for you to power your way through, providing players with various vehicle types such as bikes, tanks, and even jetpacks. There are also some shooting mechanics to help break up the gameplay a little. If you’re dedicated enough, there are also a few secrets and Easter eggs to be hunted down.

Superhot is also on offer as one of the free games for Gold subscribers this month. It’s an FPS game with a pretty neat twist: time stops when you stop, and everything moves along with you. You’ll have to figure out a strategy to eliminate all your enemies without taking a single hit yourself in each stage, and dodge bullets as they come at you.

Gold subscribers will also have access to Brave: The Video Game, and Quantum Conundrum, which is another FPS puzzle title for those who can’t get enough of the genre.

You can check out all the Xbox Games With Gold free games for March 2018 down below:

  • Trials of the Blood Dragon
  • Superhot
  • Brave: The Video Game
  • Quantum Conundrum

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