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Ubisoft is Using AI to Find Bugs and Stop Them Before They Happen


Ubisoft is Using AI to Find Bugs and Stop Them Before They Happen

Ubisoft recently spoke to attendees of the Ubisoft Developer Conference in Montreal and unveiled an AI that is capable of catching bugs before they ever even reach it to the code [Wired]. The AI, called Dubbed Commit Assistant, contains ten years worth of code from past Ubisoft games and is able to tip off developers to instances where a coder might make a similar mistake in a future game. Here’s how Yves Jacquier head of Ubisoft’s R&D division in Montreal, explained Dubbed Commit Assistant:

“It’s all about comparing the lines of code we’ve created in the past, the bugs that were created in them, and the bugs that were corrected, and finding a way to make links [between them] to provide us with a super-AI for programmers,” via Wired.

As the Wired article points, out catching bugs is an expensive and time consuming process, that if the AI works the way that they hope, it will be capable of mitigating those complications.

Any tool that can potentially reduce bugs and get games out quicker and under budget sounds OK in my book. We’ll see if Far Cry 5 is any better for it soon enough on March. 27.

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