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Adult Swim Games’ Pool Panic Launches This Month


Adult Swim Games’ Pool Panic Launches This Month

Rekim and Adult Swim Games are bringing the colorful and weird Pool Panic to Nintendo Switch this year, which looks like a hoot. The game stretches across 100 levels, and it’s actually an enormous game of pool where you play the game across the jungle to the desert to the city and to the swamp and all the way back again. This is the kind of pool you’ve probably never seen before. And if you have, well, Pool Panic still looks super cool.

You’re the cue ball as you head through the single-player campaign, where you’re taken everywhere from music festivals to diners in a bid to play one big game of pool. You can play alone or with others, with local multiplayer that supports up to four players. You can either use two players on one Switch or use one Joy-Con controller per player. Each ball has a different set of characteristics and strategies required to best them.

You can even customize your own white cue ball self with additional hats to make yourself stand out from the crowd. That’s important too, you know. If you want to play through a fun twist on the classic game of pool, try out Pool Panic when it releases later this year via the Nintendo eShop on Switch.

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