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8 Nintendo Direct Announcements We Still Can’t Get Over


8 Nintendo Direct Announcements We Still Can’t Get Over

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Solaire From Dark Souls is Getting His Own Amiibo

Biggest Surprises From The Nintendo Direct

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Praise the sun! Dark Souls Remastered is not only coming to Switch this May (which we knew already), but the title will be launching alongside an Amiibo figure of Solaire of Astora, otherwise known as the guy who does the “Praise the Sun” pose (it’s a pretty famous quote from Dark Souls, just in case you guys didn’t know).

Nintendo rarely offers Amiibo for any characters outside of their wheelhouse of properties, but Dark Souls is a huge game for the Switch and this Amiibo figure only shows that Nintendo is trying to make this launch a big deal. And guess what the Amiibo does in-game? You guessed it – it literally makes your character perform the pose for no rhyme or reason, just for giggles. That’s definitely worth a purchase on day one for sure.

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