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7 Gaming Characters So Lucky They Should Play the Lottery


7 Gaming Characters So Lucky They Should Play the Lottery

When it comes to overcoming unimaginable obstacles, some video game characters have more than talent and special abilities on their side. Whether there’s always a handhold waiting for them when they slip off the side of a cliff or a doctor willing to resurrect them after they’ve been shot in the head, they’ve got that special something that gives them an edge to succeed and wouldn’t have come nearly as far without it. Some are blessed with good fortune more often than others, however, and of these are the seven luckiest characters in video games. Spoiler warning: there will be some spoilers for the games ahead involving specific characters, if you’d rather avoid spoilers entirely you may want to skip a section or two.

Akiyama Shun (Yakuza Series)

Luckiest Characters in Video Games

One can only hope they’ll be as lucky as Akiyama one day. After a run of hard times, his fortunes reverse as millions of yen literally rain down from the sky onto him. Afterward, he’s saved by an undercover cop from muggers trying to take his new wealth and is able to invest it toward becoming one of the most successful money lenders in Kamurocho.

And that’s not the end of his lucky streak either: In the climax of Yakuza 4, a would-be fatal shot to the heart is blocked by a stack of cash stored in his suit pocket. Coincidence? Maybe so, but it still shows he’s got one hell of a run for luck with money that shows no signs of stopping.

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