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4 Reasons Why Kirby Star Allies Isn’t Just The Same Old, Same Old


4 Reasons Why Kirby Star Allies Isn’t Just The Same Old, Same Old

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You Can Play as the Bad Guys

4 Reasons Why Kirby Star Allies Isn’t Just Another Kirby Game

Kirby is infamous for his wide range of varying enemies; after all, Kirby’s main ability is to suck in the enemies in front of him and use their own powers against them. But while Kirby Star Allies does have plenty of new bad guys to fight, its focus is less on fighting them, and more on teaming up with them. So you can recruit classic baddies like Waddle Dee’s and Meta Knights to fight alongside you through each and every level. To recruit enemies, you simply have to press up on the D-Pad and you’ll pick up a heart, throw that at enemies and they’ll join your squad. These enemies will work with you as a team to solve puzzles and defeat other bad guys in your path, so you’ve got some extra backup in difficult fights.

There’s a huge variety of allies that can join your team, including the games mid-level bosses, so it’s possible to have a team which includes Kirby, Mr Frosty, Meta Knight, and a Waddle Dee – all of which will fight for you like you’re part of an epic Kirby Rebellion.


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