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Top 15 Best Indie Games on Nintendo Switch So Far


Top 15 Best Indie Games on Nintendo Switch So Far

Night In The Woods

Best Indie Games on the Switch so Far

night in the woods

On the surface, Night In The Woods may seem like a game made for children with its anthropomorphic characters and cartoon aesthetic, but really it’s a game all about the concept of growing up. It’s the tale of a 20-year-old who comes home after dropping out of college to find that life is very different to what it was before she left. The majority of the gameplay is either very conversation-based or simple mini games, meaning you’re coming for the story, more than the gameplay.

What makes Night In The Woods impressive is the fact it embraces every aspect of life whether it be deemed controversial to talk about or not and the feeling it leaves you with upon completing it is immensely satisfying.


This post was originally written by Dawson Roberts.

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