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10 Nintendo Wii Games We’re Still Waiting on Switch Ports For


10 Nintendo Wii Games We’re Still Waiting on Switch Ports For

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Pandora’s Tower

10 Nintendo Wii Games That Should Come to Switch

The Wii had its fair share of JRPGs from the excellent Xenoblade Chronicles to the light-hearted Super Paper Mario, but one of the best outings on the console is the grand tale of Pandora’s Tower. You play as Aeron, a soldier who must fight grotesque creatures to obtain their hearts in order to cure the curse of his partner Elena. There’s lots of Zelda-like puzzles, huge bosses that require you to use all of your abilities, and a story that will warm the heart of anyone who plays it.

But Pandora’s Tower wasn’t perfect; it’s a great game that was, unfortunately, let down by a poor control scheme on the Wii. Now though, with the Switch’s ability to have multiple control schemes, it would be a great time to modify the controls (mostly taking advantage of the second thumbstick) and re-release it on the Switch, giving people a whole new way to experience Elena’s story.


This post was originally written by Dawson Roberts.

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