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10 Nintendo Wii Games We’re Still Waiting on Switch Ports For


10 Nintendo Wii Games We’re Still Waiting on Switch Ports For

Pandora’s Tower

10 Nintendo Wii Games That Should Come to Switch

The Wii had its fair share of JRPGs from the excellent Xenoblade Chronicles to the light-hearted Super Paper Mario, but one of the best outings on the console is the grand tale of Pandora’s Tower. You play as Aeron, a soldier who must fight grotesque creatures to obtain their hearts in order to cure the curse of his partner Elena. There’s lots of Zelda-like puzzles, huge bosses that require you to use all of your abilities, and a story that will warm the heart of anyone who plays it.

But Pandora’s Tower wasn’t perfect; it’s a great game that was, unfortunately, let down by a poor control scheme on the Wii. Now though, with the Switch’s ability to have multiple control schemes, it would be a great time to modify the controls (mostly taking advantage of the second thumbstick) and re-release it on the Switch, giving people a whole new way to experience Elena’s story.


This post was originally written by Dawson Roberts.

Super Mario Galaxy

10 Nintendo Wii Games That Should Come to Switch

super mario galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy was a huge change to the 3D Mario formula, bringing in changes that completely reinvented what had come before. It throws out the typical level format you came to love from games like Super Mario 64 and Sunshine, and instead introduces levels which take place on individual planets with their own gravity and unique puzzles.

All in all, Super Mario Galaxy is an impressive experience both technically and graphically, and being able to play such an iconic Mario game on a portable console would be great. 3D Mario games have proven to be a great success on Nintendo’s handhelds with both Mario 64 and Odyssey performing exceptionally well, so it makes sense that we should see some more 3D Mario games to play on the go.

Metroid Other M

10 Nintendo Wii Games That Should Come to Switch

Metroid Prime 4 was announced last year for the Switch and while the public seems to be crying out for a port of the Prime HD collection, they seem to be missing out one of the series’ greatest entries, Metroid Other M. Embracing a combination of both 2D and 3D, Other M had you constantly switching in play styles so to conquer puzzles and enemies. The game has you fighting iconic Metroid bosses using new and inventive abilities while also supplying us with one of the most story-driven Metroid games we’ve ever got.

Metroid Other M took a big risk with its gameplay and for the most part, it paid off. Now with all eyes on the Metroid series, it seems like a great time to give this overlooked entry a second chance and better yet be able to play it anywhere at any time.

The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword

10 Nintendo Wii Games That Should Come to Switch

skyward sword, legend of zelda

We’ve had remakes of Twilight Princess, Wind Waker, Ocarina of Time, and Majora’s Mask as well as multiple other Zelda games. However, one of the only Zelda titles not to receive a re-release on another console is the Wii’s Skyward Sword. Skyward Sword embraced an entirely new art style, intuitive motion controls, and a surprisingly emotional story, making it a standout in the series for many fans.

But some were unhappy with the game’s reliance on the motion controls and wished there was an option to remove them all together, the Switch has the ability to combine the best of both worlds. Not just that, with Breath of the Wild performing fantastically on the Switch and receiving a mass of awards, it seems to be the perfect time to bring back the overlooked Skyward Sword. Releasing at the end of the Wii’s life cycle may have been the game’s fatal flaw, but a re-release on Switch would hopefully give it the love it deserves.

The Last Story

10 Nintendo Wii Games That Should Come to Switch

The Last Story is yet another JRPG that graced the Wii’s lifecycle. Created by the developer of Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, this title makes an effort to switch up the generic JRPG format and add in a heavy dose of stealth and tactics. The story is based around trying to save the island fortress of Lazuli’s from an unknown evil, and you must then work with a team of allies to take down an army of beasts that threaten the land.

While The Last Story’s combat may seem to be a similar affair to other action RPGs, it actually places a heavy focus on using your environment in battles. You can duck behind cover, wall run, and destroy the environment to mix up a fight, which means no two fights will ever be the same.

But like Skyward Sword, this was released mere months before the Wii U hit the shelves, causing it to be unfortunately heavily overlooked.


10 Nintendo Wii Games That Should Come to Switch


Platinum Games, Madworld, Wii

The Wii didn’t have a whole lot of adult games, with only a handful receiving the M rating. But one of the biggest standouts in that handful is Madworld. A disgustingly graphic hack and slash title developed exclusively for the Wii by Bayonetta creators, Platinum Games. The game sees you playing as Jack, a man with a chainsaw for an arm that’s stuck in a violent game show known as Deathwatch. You slice your way through gorgeous black and white environments, brutally murdering people along the way in order to survive this show.

Having been developed by Platinum Games, it’s understandably weird (their most famous franchise is about a woman who uses her hair to summon mythical creatures), but it’s also an incredibly fun title that constantly surprises you in the way the gameplay can drastically change. Recently, Bayonetta 1 and 2 got a re-release for the Switch, it’s time to give Madworld the same love.

Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom

10 Nintendo Wii Games That Should Come to Switch

When you think of iconic fighting game crossovers, you probably think of Marvel vs Capcom or Street Fighter x Tekken but very rarely will someone bring up the Wii exclusive Tatsunoko Vs Capcom. This obscure crossover pits various characters from different Capcom games against characters from a selection of Tatsunoko-produced anime in a brutal fight to the death.

Despite being developed exclusively for the Wii, it’s a great fighter to play. It utilizes controls which are easy to pick up for newcomers and hard to master for experienced players (which means the appeal for the game is incredibly wide). Match that with a roster of characters that rivals some of the best ‘vs Capcom’ games, great graphics, and the poor reception due to its platform exclusivity and now seems like a perfect time to bring it to the switch to give it a second life. Arms has already proven the Switch is a great console for fighting games, so bringing back this forgotten entry to the vs Capcom series may finally do it justice.

No More Heroes 1/2

10 Nintendo Wii Games That Should Come to Switch

No More Heroes is a game which will have you mowing a lawn and then slicing up an assassin with a glorified lightsaber, all within the same hour of gameplay. It’s from the warped mind of Suda 51 (Killer 7, The Silver Case) and follows Travis Touchdown, a relatively ordinary guy, who ends up taking down the eleventh highest rated Assassin in the UAA (United Assassins Association) for cash and tries to work his way up the ranks to become number one.

Both the first and second No More Heroes games have obscure mini-games, great self-referential humor, intense third-person action, a collection of memorable bosses, and levels that remain diverse throughout. Both entries deliver the same amount of nonsensical vibrant action as each other and with No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again hitting switch this year, there’s no better time to release a collection of two of the Wii’s most interesting titles.

Kirby’s Epic Yarn

10 Nintendo Wii Games That Should Come to Switch

On the surface, Kirby’s Epic Yarn could easily be mistaken for another generic Kirby game with a new art style, but the concept of making the world of wool was not merely a cosmetic choice. It leads to some great game-play innovations as Kirby manipulates himself and the environments to solve puzzles and unlock hidden areas around him.

While at its core it’s still the Kirby you know and love, the simple twist on the formula made it one of the most refreshing games on the Wii. Kirby’s Epic Yarn proved to be one of the most inventive switch-ups to a core Nintendo IP we’ve seen in recent years and with Kirby Star Allies just releasing on Switch, it would make perfect sense to let players play the highest rated Kirby game ever released on the go.

Wii Sports

10 Nintendo Wii Games That Should Come to Switch

wii sports, party game, new years, 2015, 2016

When the Wii launched it needed some huge first-party entries to sell people on the system, and one of those titles was the almighty Wii Sports. What is essentially a collection of various different sports to show off the Wii’s motion controls turned out to be one of the most popular games on the console. Households everywhere would bring out the Wii at parties so people could have a quick game of tennis or bowling, making it an experience that really showed off the Wii’s functionality as a multiplayer console. With the switch being a console that focuses heavily on couch co-op, now seems like the best time to bring back Wii Sports.

Wii sports was the best-selling game on the Wii (due to it being mostly bundled with the console) so bringing it back would not only be a great nostalgia trip, it would also breathe new life into the many family rivalries Wii Sports likely caused.

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