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How to Watch the Winter Olympics Online


How to Watch the Winter Olympics Online

The 2018 Winter Olympics are underway from PyeongChang, South Korea, and nations across the world are hopeful that this is the year that their athletes will wrest away the stranglehold that Canada and the United States have on the slopes and in the rink. At this point, Germany has been dominating the standings, with an impressive amount of gold medals, and an even better tally of medals overall, but all eyes are on the new look men’s ice hockey, an event that is absent of NHL players for the first time since 1994. By all accounts, this will likely level the playing field, allowing for an unlikely candidate to take the gold medal.

You don’t have to just sit around waiting for good news however, as there are options to watch the action happening live, online. You can catch the live feed from the dedicated NBC Olympics website, however you will have to log into your service provider to avoid being timed out. This also applies to those hoping to extend beyond the trial period for online streaming services like PlayStation VueYouTube TV or FuboTV.

On mobile, the NBC Olympics app is your best source for updates and medal tallies, as well as providing highlights and news straight from South Korea.

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