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Voez on Switch Is Getting a Hefty Update With 14 New Songs


Voez on Switch Is Getting a Hefty Update With 14 New Songs

Voez, the Switch’s current only rhythm game, is getting a new update tomorrow, Feb. 8, which will add 14 additional songs to the game. There’s a trailer showing off some of what you can expect with the new update, but as is the case with most music games you’re probably only truly interested in what songs you can play next in Voez. Here’s the full list:

  • “Return of the Prodigy” (Special) by Raito feat. Seina
  • “Meteor Lights” (Hard) by S-Don
  • “Sky Love Fantasia” (Easy) by Stereoberry
  • “The Black Case” (Special) by KillerBlood
  • “Masquerade” (Hard) by M2U
  • “Milk” (Easy) by Atsushi Morimori
  • “Sonna ni Watashi o Kitai Sasenai de” (Special) by Kanae Uemura
  • “Don’t Stop the Moment” (Hard) by Tattsu
  • “Magical Toy Box” (Easy) by Shiron + Xi
  • “Qualia” (Special) by KIVA
  • “Checkmate” (Hard) by yoyo BunNii
  • “Freedom Dive” (Easy) by Xi
  • “Rainbow Light” (Hard) by Kofu
  • “Violet” (Easy) by Eyemedia

If you’ve never heard of any of those, you’re not alone, but sometimes it’s good to open your eyes (and ears) to new sights and sounds. Voez hasn’t steered you wrong yet in that regard, right? It’s got a pretty decent mix of tunes to keep your head bobbing, at the very least.

If you like what you see in the trailer and want to snag a rhythm game for the Switch, you can grab it from the Nintendo eShop at present, and if you live in Japan there’s a physical version too, which would be a great thing if we had it in the west. Ah, c’est la vie!

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