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Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day


Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day

Highwind (Final Fantasy VII)

Top 5 Best Gaming Ships For Valentine’s Day

Final Fantasy VII, Highwind

Starting off our list, we have the iconic airship from Final Fantasy VII! This impressive piece of aerial technology was designed by Cid Highwind and is the player’s primary vehicle when traveling the overworld. This huge ship also acts as a hub where you can rest up and save without having to pay a single gil. Similarly, you can board the vehicle while riding a Chocobo, in which case, the bird will stay at the stables inside the Highwind. That way, you can bring your favorite pet with you wherever you go!

The Highwind has been the party’s saving grace over the course of the game, starting with Tifa’s epic escape after her slap off with Scarlet. Not to mention that this was also the group’s getaway vehicle during the explosion in the Northern Cave. Cid even calls on his airship during his ultimate limit break, Highwind, wherein the ship bombards explosives on the enemy. Sadly, not much is known about the ship after the main game since Cid replaced it for another vehicle, the Shera.

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