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Top 4 Best Anime of February 2018 You Should Watch


Top 4 Best Anime of February 2018 You Should Watch

Ling Qi Season 2

Ling Qi adaptation

Ling Qi is a Chinese series that became popular in Japan and the US. It follows the story of Yang Jinghua who woke up after an accident and was shocked to discover he seemed to be 10 years younger. While he inititally thought he had been reborn, a new character by the name of Duanmu Xi appeared and explained that the situation was far grimmer than Yang imagined. It’s not necessarily the most unique narrative as there are plenty of anime that follow the route of someone dying and then signing a contract with their soul, but Ling Qi executes this narrative in an impressive way. The series’ beautiful animation and soundtracks, well-timed pacing, and cast of characters are truly interesting to learn about, too.

Ling Qi 2 is the second part of the series and the second time it has received a Japanese anime adaptation. Ling Qi season 1 has already been available, but its Japanese animation counterpart releases on February 24.

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