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The Longest Five Minutes: How to Replay Memories


The Longest Five Minutes: How to Replay Memories

How to Replay Memories in The Longest Five Minutes

The Longest Five Minutes puts a bit of a twist on the typical JRPG setup, this time having the main hero forget their entire journey during the final boss battle. As the battle rages on Flash the main character will begin remembering things, and you’ll need to play through each one of his memories to see the entire story through.

Since there are quite a few decisions to make within The Longest Five Minutes, you’ll probably want to know how to go back and replay memories. Luckily, there’s a couple different ways to do that. Unfortunately, if you want to go back and replay memories it’ll overwrite you progress until you’ve beaten the game. If you hit the Y button and bring up the main menu you’ll see two different options, Memory Album and Chapter Select. By hitting Memory Album you’ll bring up a list of each memory and can view them along with the optional objectives of each one. You will notice, however, that at the bottom of each memory it’ll say you must clear the RPG section to replay it. This means you need to beat the game once at least in order to jump back into these memories at will.

Alternatively, you can use Chapter Select to bring up an entire log of the game’s conversation and events. You can jump to any single line, decision, or event. Keep in mind that this will overwrite your progress and apply any decisions you make. Jumping back to previous points of the game can help influence your battle against the Demon King, and it’ll be necessary if you want to get the best ending.

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