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The Longest Five Minutes: How to Find the Fancy Man


The Longest Five Minutes: How to Find the Fancy Man

How to Find the Fancy Man in The Longest Five Minutes

The Longest Five Minutes gives you a number of optional objectives that you can complete in its various memories, rewarding you with valuable experience in the process. One such mission requires you to complete step one of Fancy Man’s quiz during the memory “Living Forest.” As you can imagine there are other steps, and you’ll need to do those in two other memories.

During Living Forest you’ll find yourself in the city of Norbeegee, standing outside of the church. Head over to the right, until you see a path up the screen. Just head up to the next screen and instead of taking you out to the world map, you’ll end up in a gigantic green field. Head to the very top left section of this area and you’ll find the Fancy Man sitting on a picnic blanket. He’ll tell you a riddle, to which you need to bring back the right item as an answer.

In the case of the first riddle, you’ll need to go to the house next to the item shop and talk to the woman inside. The next two steps of the quiz will be quite similar, so just look around the town for your answer.

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