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Sony PS4 Steamrolls Past 76.5 Million Units Shipped; Huge Revenue Boost in Q3 2017

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Sony PS4 Steamrolls Past 76.5 Million Units Shipped; Huge Revenue Boost in Q3 2017

Earlier today, Sony released its financial earnings report for Q3 of fiscal 2017, in which the company noted a significant boost in revenue due to the PS4’s continued success.

In the period between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, Sony shipped 9 million PS4 units to retailers, pushing the grand total past 76.5 million lifetime units shipped. Earlier this year, Sony had reported the console’s total sellthrough at 73.6 million units.

As you can see from the above graph, Sony did slightly lower its revenue forecast for the full fiscal 2017, which it attributes to delayed software. We assume this is in reference to God of War’s slight delay outside of the “early 2018” window that had been suggested during E3. The company also notes that “the impact of higher-than-expected sales of hardware at promotional prices during the holiday season” also contributed to its slight revision of projections.

Moving on, Sony’s full revenue and income figures highlight a dramatic increase across the board. Most notably, a 279.8% in operating income over last year’s 2016 Q3 report.

Elsewhere, Sony announced that its current CEO, Kazuo Hirai, will step down at the end of fiscal 2017 (April. 1). Hirai will be replaced by current Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida. As did Andrew House for PlayStation, Hirai will stay on as a chairman during Yoshida’s initial tenure as CEO to “facilitate a smooth transition and ensure future success.” Yoshida himself pledged to build on the business foundations established by Hirai, with the intention to “execute further reform measures that enhance competitiveness as a global enterprise.”

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