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Sony Is Asking Users About PSN Name Changes With a Secret Survey


Sony Is Asking Users About PSN Name Changes With a Secret Survey

PlayStation owners have basically been begging Sony for the ability to change their PlayStation Network names ever since the first 69s and 420s appeared online. Well, according to Push Square, Sony is surveying its users on how they feel about potential PSN name changes (hint: they all want this feature).

Push Square received an email from an anonymous tipster, which its since confirmed is legitimate, that included a clip from the secret emailed survey that Sony is sending out. Sony requested that users selected for the survey keep the questionnaire to themselves.

In the company’s message to users it states that “they want to understand if gamers are interested in the feature or not” before stressing that they “can’t be sure this feature will be added or not, but we can be sure your opinions on the matter will be heard.”

psn name change survey

The survey also includes details on how the name changes would actually function if the feature was integrated into the PSN.

Unlike with Microsoft’s Xbox Live service, users would be able to change their names multiple times for free, but they would only be able to do this once every six months. If a PlayStation owner regretted a new name and wanted to return to an older PSN name, they would have to contact customer support.

Sony has made it clear in the past that this feature would involve a lot of work. Between this news and Sony Interactive Entertainment America CEO Shawn Layden’s comments at PSX 2017, it looks like the company is finally putting momentum behind PSN name changes. Although it’s still unclear if or when this feature will the PSN, hopefully users’ resounding “Yes!” in the survey will get Sony to pick up the pace.


This post was originally written by Cody Mello-Klein.

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