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5 Coolest Minigames We Found in Yakuza 6’s Demo Before It Got Taken Down


5 Coolest Minigames We Found in Yakuza 6’s Demo Before It Got Taken Down

The demo for Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has finally arrived on PS4, letting fans play through the beginning of the game and explore a little glimpse of Kamurocho. While it’s just a small slice of the full game there’s still a lot to see and do around the city, including quite a few of the series’ trademark minigames.

Of course, there’s going to be a lot more available in the full game, but we’ll go over a few of the fun things you can see and do in the demo. After that we’ll give you a bit of info on what else you can expect to do to pass the time in Yakuza 6: The Song of Life.


Karaoke has been a mainstay in the Yakuza series ever since the very first game, and it’s fittingly ridiculous. In many of the songs as Kiryu belts out the tune, the scene switches to a gloriously strange cutscene. In the case of Yakuza 6, the song “This Day is a Diamond” has him strumming a guitar and singing in the peaceful town of Onomichi Jingaicho.

The actual minigame is pretty much exactly the same as past Yakuza games, but there’s one small difference. You have to hit button presses in time with the song, but it plays out on just one track now, instead of moving between three different lines like in past games. It doesn’t change how Karaoke plays, but like everything else in Yakuza 6 the minigame has been given a facelift.

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